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Chicken specialty store NIWATORI JAPAN

At our IZAKAYA, 3min walk from Kanda Station South Exit, we serves you elaborate dishes of MICHINOKU SEIRYU AJIWAI DORI, the brand of chickens that are raised in Sumita-cho, Iwate, which is often called “SEIRYU NO SATO (town of clear stream)” for the place is surrounded by KITAKAMI Mountains and rivers that flows from KESENNUMA. NIWATORI JAPAN cocks those exclusive chickens by grilling over charcoal fire, deep frying in olive oil, pressing with kelp, making some soup, making hot pot or frying them.
The exclusive chickens may be turned into elaborate dishes in many ways.
We promise you that we will serve all our guests delicious meals without losing the enthusiasm of the elaborate chicken producers who are raising them with their whole heart.



Iwate's natural and healthy raised safe chicken

Sumita-cho, Kesen-gun, Iwate, the town surrounded by KITAKAMI Mountains and is located even closer to the coast area than Tono-shi (well known as a folk song town), has a population of 6,200 people.  Because it has headwaters of the Kesen River, the beautiful clear stream, the town is also called “SEIRYU NO SATO (Town of Clear Stream).”  The Kesen Rivers are everywhere in the town and the water is so clear that we can even see the bottom of the river shining.  This clear stream brings benefit to farms, humans and chickens.
The chicken brand, MICHINOKU SEIRYU AJIWAI DORI, has been produced since 1998 and the chickens are raised with elaborate feed.
The chickens are raised only by the contracted farmers and the annual production is around 900,000.  The farm itself is small but they are raised with lots of love.


Foster "MICHINOKU AJIWAIDORI" Iwate Prefecture Sumida Town

Iwate prefecture prides itself in being Japan’s 3rd biggest domestic supplier of poultry. The southeast area is one of the production bases. It’s warm in winter by the climate effect of the Pacific coast and cool in summer by the inland climate effect. We can say that it’s a suited place to raise chickens.
Also, the Kesen River that flows all over the area is vital to produce delicious chicken.
The slogan of producing MICHINOKU SEIRYU AJIWAI DORI is “Take time and give love for the chickens and that’s how much the chickens grow in healthy condition.” There is full of love in every procedure.


You can try the all the elaborate sake produced by MIYAZAKI HONTEN at NIWATORI JAPAN.

G7 leaders enjoyed “MIYANO YUKI,”

MIYAZAKI HONTEN is the manufacturer of “KINMIYA SHOCHU,” which is significant in making Hoppy and sour, the popular beverages in old town. Their motto is “Quality First,” since the company was established in 1846 and has been loved by many people for a long time. Their refined sake is slowly fermented in low temperature with pure yeast and handmade yeast.
During the G7 Ise-Shima Summit, Prime Minister and his wife hosted a cocktail party and the G7 leaders enjoyed “MIYANO YUKI, JUNMAISHU.” You can try the same sake and all the elaborate sake produced by MIYAZAKI HONTEN at NIWATORI JAPAN. →see sake menu
Also, we have KINMIYA SHOCHU for Hoppy and sour as well as Sun Peace Whisky for Highball. Our drink menu is full of elaborate beverages produced by MIYAZAKI HONTEN.


A good story of MIYAZAKI HONTEN

KIKKOMIYA SHOCHU (aka KINMIYA SHOCHU) is the type of KO RUI SHOCHU produced by MIYAZAKI HONTEN in Mie prefecture and it has particularly delicate taste.
Also, the real story, that makes people feel the spirit and soul of MIYAZAKI HONTEN, remains.
In 1923, September 1st, there was a huge earthquake called “Great Kanto Earthquake” and it has left 142,800 people dead or missing, 128,000 buildings completely destroyed and 447,000 buildings burnt down.
However, there were no TVs or radios at that time so people weren’t able to get information about the earthquake that just happened.
People of MIYAZAKI HONTEN fully loaded their private sailing boat called “MIYASHIMAMARU” with food and goods immediately, and set sail for Tokyo.
When people of the same industry were rushing into Tokyo to make their customers pay for the bill, people of MIYAZAKI HONTEN did not ask them to pay not even a single penny. This history is one of the reasons why their SHOCHU is popular and loved by long established companies in Kanto.